Energy Purchasing Program

Igs Energy Straight Standard Rgb

IGS Energy has been the preferred energy supplier to the OABA since 1997. What this means to you, as an OABA member, is that you have access to a trusted energy partner for your electricity and natural gas supply needs.

IGS Energy is a private energy company that serves more than 1 million homes and businesses nationwide, offering traditional and sustainable technologies and services, including renewable electricity, carbon-neutral natural gas, solar energy systems, and other energy-efficiency products.  The company is committed to a sustainable energy future and focuses on customizing products to fit customers’ needs. The belief in Conscious Capitalism and a purpose beyond profit prioritizes the needs of IGS Energy’s customers, employees and the planet.

Whether you’d like to manage risk for your energy costs or reduce your carbon footprint, IGS Energy can help you meet your goals through their tried-and-true consultative approach. Contact Doug Kelly at 614-659-5102 or for more information.