Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Workshops

Offered two consecutive days in Winter

OABA’s Safety & Risk Management subcommittee plans the Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Workshop training program utilizing an awareness-level training format. The workshops are designed to help participants become more aware of the chemical properties, proper handling, cautions and hazards when working with anhydrous ammonia, equipment, and containment. Participants will spend the morning in a classroom setting and will move to smaller break-out sessions in the afternoon. The training features experts from both within and outside of the industry, including those from Ohio Department of Agriculture, Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Ohio Public Utilities Commission.

Program complies with Ohio Department of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Transportation and Occupational Safety & Health Administration training requirements for anhydrous ammonia

February 2021

February 24 - April 30, 2021

Anhydrous Ammonia Safety Workshop