Our Mission

Advocating for Ohio agribusiness by creating both a sustainable business climate and added member value through collaborative policy leadership, continuous education and effective communication.


Our Goals

Deliver focused educational programs and resources that meet member needs. Target
Head Educate, engage and influence public officials, members and strategic partners on public policy issues affecting our membership.
Increase member engagement and use of services. Computer Chart
Handshake Deepen relationships with other organizations for the benefit of the association.
Anticipate, identify and mitigate disruptive forces as they emerge. News


Our Claims

Network Three Aligning our members to advance their collective causes, build their skills and support the next generation of leaders.
Advocating for Ohio’s agribusineses by building relationships with legislators and regulators to promote collaborative, common-sense laws and regulations for issues impacting the industry. Legislative
Network Chart Advancing Ohio agribusinesses and the state’s agriculture industry to new levels of success and growth.


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OABA Antitrust Compliance Policy

The Ohio Agribusiness Association is committed to fully complying with federal and state antitrust laws, and we encourage all of our members make the same commitment. Below you will find an official copy of OABA's Antitrust Compliance Policy, as well as a customizable template your company can adopt if you do not already have one in place.

Click here to view a copy of OABA's Antitrust Compliance Policy.

Click here to view a copy of OABA's Suggested Antitrust Compliance Policy for OABA members.