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Sustaining Sponsor Spotlight: Legacy Farmers Cooperative

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The Ohio AgriBusiness Association is pleased to feature our Sustaining Sponsors in the 2024 Spotlight Series. This week, the focus is on Gold Sponsor: Legacy Farmers Cooperative.

 Location (Main Headquarters):  Findlay, Ohio

Year started: 2014

Number of employees: 140

Number of facilities: 18

Type of services offered: Grain (Grain Handling and Grain Marketing), Agronomy (Seed, Crop Protection Products, Fertilizer, Precision Ag, Dry Fertilizer Custom Application, Liquid Custom Application, Custom Seed Treatment, Crop Scouting, Nutrient Management Plans), Energy (Liquid Fuel delivery, 2 fuel stations, Oil and Lube, DEF, Fuel Equipment), Feed (Bagged and Bulk), Lawn & Pet Retail Store.

Company history: Legacy Farmers Cooperative Formed in 2014 in a merger between Deshler Farmers Elevator Co and Blanchard Valley Farmers Co-op. Company dates back to 1916. 

How has your company changed over the years? Dating back to 1916 the companies that eventually make up what is now Legacy Farmers Cooperative were co-op’s formed by farmers to pool their resources together to gain a bigger presence in the market place than a single farmer could do on their own. Over the years, opportunities for acquisitions of facilities or companies have made Legacy Farmers Cooperative what it is today. Services have changed dramatically over the years to evolve with changes in farming and the needs of the consumer.

How do you see your company growing in the future? Continue to drive results with strong customer service and efficiencies internally with our core businesses and look for quality growth opportunities that can add to value to the co-op.

Interesting tidbits about your business: Legacy Farmers Cooperative was the first and is currently the only “FS” member of Growmark in Ohio. 

How has OABA helped your business or the agribusiness industry? OABA has led the discussion with Legislative leaders to help propel and protect our industry. We appreciate the support and updates to know what we can do to keep our industry strong. Educational outreach is important to our business and development of our team. A great resource on contacts/networking in our industry as well as agencies or government.  


Interested in becoming a Sustaining Sponsor? 

Click here to learn more about the program or contact Lauren Prettyman at Sustaining sponsors will automatically be promoted as such at all OABA events and will not be approached for sponsorship opportunities throughout the year. 

Note that because the OABA Educational Trust is a 501(c)3 charitable organization, sponsorships related to this trust are separate from OABA.

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