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Ohio Department of Agriculture Urges Proper Use of Disinfectants

The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) issued a reminder about the proper use of disinfectants to minimize the spread of the coronavirus, particularly in schools, businesses, and other large institutions.

Disinfectants are considered pesticides under U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations and must be used according to their label to ensure safety and effectiveness.

“It has come to ODA’s attention that some entities may have been misled regarding the effectiveness of certain products to guard against COVID-19 or instructed to use products in a manner not within their recommended use,” said Ohio Department of Agriculture Director Dorothy Pelanda. “We recognize the tremendous efforts to ensure a clean and safe environment for students, customers, and workers throughout Ohio and stress the importance that those responsible for building sanitation be well informed on the effectiveness of certain products to guard against COVID-19 and instructed on the proper use of these products.”

A list of current products approved for use to combat SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) is available through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

When using disinfectants, users should follow contact time recommendations (the amount of time the surface should be visibly wet), ensure that products are properly stored, and keep products out of reach of children. Disinfectants should only be applied by individuals who read and follow label instructions, and personal protective equipment should be worn during large-scale and/or extended periods of application.

Additional useful resources regarding the safe and effective use of disinfectants include:

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