Ohio AgriBusiness Association - Agribusiness and Production Systems Certification

The Ohio AgriBusiness Association provides an industry-recognized, agribusiness credential that verifies high school student expertise in the areas of agriculture, agribusiness and production systems.

To be eligible for the program, a student must be enrolled in a career­-technical agricultural program and complete three of the following courses, where they are engaged in learning and applying technical skills in foundational agricultural concepts:

  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  • Animal & Plant Science
  • Agronomic Systems
  • Mechanical Principles
  • Livestock Selection, Nutrition & Management
  • Science & Technology of Food
  • Environmental Science for Agriculture and Natural Resources
  • Greenhouse & Nursery Management 

Students are also required to complete a course in Business Management for Agricultural & Environmental Systems or Global Economics & Marketing of Food. These upper­-level courses test students’ knowledge of global agriculture marketing and business principles applied in agribusiness.

Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE) ­- students' out-­of-­school agriculture projects ­are also integral in attaining the new OABA credential.

To be considered, a student’s SAE must be an entrepreneurial, placement, or research-­driven project pertaining to the agriculture industry. The student must document at least 500 hours of work on their project(s) and identify the Ohio Agricultural & Environmental Systems Career Field Technical Content Standards achieved through their SAE.

Click here to download the credential requirements. To apply for the Ohio AgriBusiness Association - Agribusiness and Production Systems Certification, click here.

2018 Recipients

  • Corey Andrews, Bellevue FFA Chapter
  • Arthur Arnott, Westfall FFA Chapter
  • Riley Bardall, Indian Valley FFA Chapter
  • Dillon Beiler, Ridgemont FFA Chapter
  • Mackenzie Blue, Westfall FFA Chapter
  • Matthew Boes, Sentinel CTC FFA Chapter
  • Shelbey Bollinger, Mohawk FFA Chapter
  • Michael Boyle, Valley View MVCTC FFA Chapter
  • Kaycee Burton, South Central FFA Chapter
  • Carlene Carroll, Alexander FFA Chapter
  • Bradley Chaffee, Mohawk FFA Chapter
  • Desiree Chill, South Central FFA Chapter
  • Matthew Cole, Sentinel CTC FFA Chapter
  • Nole Criswell, Elgin FFA Chapter
  • Meadow Cromer, Ridgemont FFA Chapter
  • Angela Daniel, Mohawk FFA Chapter
  • Shelby Downs, Westfall FFA Chapter
  • Alexis Elliott, Ridgemont FFA Chapter
  • Keaton Fout, Ridgemont FFA Chapter
  • Colin Freshcorn, Ridgemont FFA Chapter
  • Rebecca Fuller, Elgin FFA Chapter
  • Maria Goshe, Sentinel CTC FFA Chapter
  • Odessa Harrington, Mohawk FFA Chapter
  • Elizabeth Henline, Indian Valley FFA Chapter
  • Priscilla Howland, Ridgemont FFA Chapter
  • Jordan Johnson, Valley View MVCTC FFA Chapter
  • Jaylin Jude, Westfall FFA Chapter
  • Kendall Keene, South Central FFA Chapter
  • Chyann Kendel, Twin Valley South FFA Chapter
  • Lindsey Kimmel, Covington FFA Chapter
  • Hannah King, Alexander FFA Chapter
  • Mariah Kiser, Lakota FFA Chapter
  • Bailey Knepper, Indian Valley FFA Chapter
  • Rebecca Krisha, Western Reserve FFA Chapter
  • Hayden Lowery, Ridgemont FFA Chapter
  • Andrew Madison, South Central FFA Chapter
  • Nicole McMullen, Anthony Wayne- Penta FFA Chapter
  • Bryan Miller, Covington FFA Chapter
  • Kathleen Monnig, Valley View MVCTC FFA Chapter
  • Kyle Neill, Fremont Ross (VSCTC) FFA Chapter
  • Bryce O'Flaherty, Mohawk FFA Chapter
  • Kristen Oliver, Indian Valley FFA Chapter
  • Danielle Ott, South Central FFA Chapter
  • Sandra Pennington, Mohawk FFA Chapter
  • Nicholas Phillips, Indian Valley FFA Chapter
  • Alex Piraino, Indian Valley
  • Daniel Price, Mohawk FFA Chapter
  • Ian Pursell, Mohawk FFA Chapter
  • Lyndon Roof, Ridgemont FFA Chapter
  • Justin Scott, Indian Valley FFA Chapter
  • Grant Seidel, South Central FFA Chapter
  • Hanna Shafer, Covington FFA Chapter
  • Elijiah Shepherd, Ridgemont FFA Chapter
  • Hannah Six, Alexander FFA Chapter
  • Brandon Stephen, Indian Valley FFA Chapter
  • Elise Stuckey, Mohawk FFA Chapter
  • Laouren Van Gundy, Elgin FFA Chapter
  • Madaline Vogel, South Central FFA Chapter
  • Austin Walters, Clyde FFA Chapter
  • Madi Ward, Mohawk FFA Chapter
  • Mercedes Woodson, Valley View MVCTC FFA Chapter

2017 Recipients 

  • Cade Field, Elgin FFA Chapter
  • Amanda Fowler, Indian Valley FFA Chapter
  • Kaleb Harp, Hillsboro FFA Chapter
  • Chloe Lambert, Miami Trace FFA Chapter
  • Dylan Meyer, Sentinel FFA Chapter
  • Kinsee Miller, Indian Valley FFA Chapter
  • Monique McMullen, Indian Valley FFA Chapter
  • James Perrill, Miami Trace FFA Chapter
  • Madalyn Schupp, Indian Valley FFA Chapter
  • Taylor Sprowl, Indian Valley FFA Chapter

2016 Recipients 

  • Joseph Chamberlain, Anthony Wayne FFA Chapter
  • Miles Burton, South Central FFA Chapter
  • Clay Gerfen, Ridgemont FFA Chapter
  • Luke Guthrie, Ridgedale FFA Chapter
  • Collin Dunaway, Felicity-Franklin FFA Chapter
  • Summer Sweetling, South Central FFA Chapter
  • Kara Walcher, South Central FFA Chapter