September 6, 2012

Grain Grading School

Commodity Testers Certification/Recertification

Ohio Department of Agriculture

These schools, approved by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, are structured to provide Commodity Tester certification/recertification opportunities. Individuals seeking certification will receive training in the procedures for grading corn, soybeans and wheat, as well as sampling and equipment, then will take an open-book exam consisting of 50 questions. Those seeking recertification receive the same training and sign a verification of attendance form.

The Ohio Commodity Handler Law requires all individuals grading commodities to be certified. New commodity testers must pass (80 percent) a written exam. Those currently certified must either fulfill continuing education requirements, or pass the written exam once every three years to renew their Commodity Tester Certificate.


There are two ways to register:
    1. Click here for a printable registration form that you can mail, fax or email.


For location information, go to the Ohio Department of Agriculture website.


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