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May Updates from Crestcom International - OABA Member Service Partner

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OABA member service partner Crestcom International has a variety of resources available to enhance your leadership skills. Check out this month's offerings below:

May Webinar - Collective Intelligence 

The rise of technology and the internet has created a new paradigm of collective intelligence, enabling people to interact and collaborate in new ways and on a much larger scale. What steps are you taking to foster a more collaborative work environment for your teams?

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Blog Article - Strategic Storytelling

A compelling narrative can influence someone to buy a product, inspire a worker to reach a difficult deadline, or create rapport with others. How are you improving your storytelling skills?

Read the blog post here.  


Leadership Habit Podcast - Stress Management

Jenn DeWall, host of Crestcom's The Leadership Habit podcast, sat down with Emotional and Wellness Coach, Aditi Ramchandani, who shared tips and techniques for how we as leaders can overcome stress and manage burnout. Listen in now!


Learn more about Crestcom International! 

With members in mind, OABA has partnered with Crestcom International, a globally recognized leadership development organization, to offer Crestcom’s flagship 12-month program. Crestcom’s accredited and award-winning leadership development training programs leverage a proprietary training process that emphasizes measured development, effective implementation and ultimate accountability to create consistent and sustained behavior change.

Crestcom’s curriculum focuses on twelve core leadership and workforce skills, including timely topics such as: effective communication, leading through change, recruiting and retention, decision making, developing productive and accountable teams, unconscious bias, and more.

Discover if Crestcom's curriculum is a fit for your organization by visiting

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